About Me

When I first became a mum I was working in childcare, eventually managing my own nursery I was away from my daughter 7 till 7 during the week! This of course was never the plan for our family but needs must. When I fell pregnant with Our son it was time to make a change and I gave up work to spend more time with them both. So why a blog? Its time to get back to my nursery nurse roots! I'm not sure why but ever since going on maternity leave I have stopped doing activities at home like painting sticking and exploring. Don't get me wrong I do play with my children. So its time to change!!! Each week I am going to post different activities which we are doing at home and include my own creative projects that keep me busy. I am hoping the ideas I post on the blog will help give mums and dads more ideas of what they can do at home and I would love to hear your ideas to.

So what am I doing now? Well I link to keep my self busy so I get to spend every day looking after my beautiful children and as a result our bond has grown incredibly stronger. To continue your carer I have decided to take on the my own business from home as a childminder, this is something I am very excited about as I hope it will one day the business will be able to grow into a day nursery of my own.
I have also started to write my own ebooks which focus on activities for young children and I have found this to be an exciting and enjoyable venture. Another project I have been working on is becoming a free lance writer for a childminding magazine which has just started out.
With all these new and exciting projects on the go life has become one fun and exciting rollercoster!


  1. Great intro, will now be following your blog, have added to my reading list :o) Will perhaps try some of your ideas and link back to you if that is ok?

  2. You're a girl after my own heart, Adele. I decided to leave the corporate world when my boys were born, and in order to be able to stay at home with them, I opened my home daycare. It was without a doubt the best career move I ever made. Good luck in your venture. With your background in child care, it sounds like this will be right up your alley! How exciting that you're working on your writing as well! What a wonderful way to do something for yourself that will benefit others with little ones!


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