Wednesday, 5 June 2013

How To Make A Tin Boat

This week I got together with some other bloggers in a Google + hangout to discuss how to make a toy boat. Home made boats are a great way idea for making your own resources for the water tray children love test the out once their master piece is finished. I thought that it would be a nice idea to revist an old craft where we made tin boats.

Tin pie cases,
Play dough or plasticine,
Straws or lollipop sticks,
Crayons or pencils

Step 1. Stick a ball shaped piece of Plasticine in your tin case roughly the size of a marble.

Step 2. Cut your straws to 10cm

Step 3. Cut out your rectangles by scaling them according to the straws.

Step 4. Decorate your sails using the crayons. You can pick any pattern you would like.

Step 5. Cellotape the sails onto the top of the straws then stick them into the play dough and your finished.

Once made we filled our baby bath with coloured water and added a collection of fish and shells. 

The children enjoyed tapping the little boats around the bath and taking them on adventures. Little man put on the voices of pirate and P enjoyed hiding objects underneath the shells. 

Maggy from +Maggy Woodley is always bursting full of fantastic ideas for crafting with children and this week she shared two great ideas for making your own boats, Walnut boats and some amazing Tug boats made from junk modelling. 

This week +Ali Clifford  showed us paper boats which Maggy had originally taught Ali's son. After showing all his friends how to make these paper boats this crafts holds a lot of memories for Ali. 

+anthea barton from Zing Zing Tree shared a fantastic craft for making boats using chip containers she found on holiday. 

+Crystal McClean  from Crystals Tiny Treasures had a great idea to use kitchen rolls as boats. I love any craft which involve toilet or kitchen rolls as our house is always full of these. 

The lovely +Kelly Innes  from Domestic Goddesque had a very frugal idea using every part of a child's juice carton. 

+Rebecca English  from Here Come The Girls made a great boat using egg boxes. I love that the little people even have there own little seats to sit in. 

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