Thursday, 28 June 2012

4th July Firework Paintings

What you need
Crayons or a candle
Water colour paints

Step 1- Allow your child to pick the paper of their choice
Step 2- Get your little one to draw a picture on the paper. Talk about the patterns that fireworks make and maybe have some photo’s out to look at.
Step 3- Paint over the picture using the water colours to finish the picture. The darker the colour, the more effective.

If you would like to add more colour to your pictures add some glitter and more chalk once their dry.

Learning opportunities

PSED- Have a positive approach to activities and events (30-50 months)
CD- Begin to combine movement, materials, media or marks (22-36 months)
CD- Understand that different media can be combined to create new effects (40-60 months)

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Edible Sparklers

This is such a simple activity which take very little prep. Its perfect if you like to celebrate 4th July at home with the family. Its a great activity which requires no baking  and our children love to mix the different colours together. We use this every year for Bonfire night, infact ever since I was little and its always a hit in our house.

You will need:

Chocolate finger biscuits
Small bowl of hot water
Small bowl of sugar strands (hundreds and thousands)
Greaseproof paper

Step 1: Dip one end of a biscuit into the hot water, giving it a little twist.

Step 2: Dip the finger into the sugar strands and twist it around again.

Step 3: Place on greaseproof paper and leave to set in the fridge for 20 minutes.

Your children will love them!!!

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Helping to prepare your child for school

In just 10 weeks your 4-5 year old may be starting school. Regardless of what care your child has been receiving up until now this can be a huge change in their life and the easier you can make this the easier they will find it to settle in.

Some differences worth noting is that the classes are more formally set up then in nurseries or preschool’s and children are on a larger ratio so they will not receive the same attention as they would have received before. Both of these changes can mean that some children self esteem and confidence may suffer within the first few months. Here are some ideas which may help to get them ready for school.

  1. Buy some school uniform early and hang it up with your child’s dressing up clothes this will give them the opportunity to get used to it through role play. You could even join in playing schools with them.

  1. Ask the school to take pictures of s/he’s class room, play ground and community areas. These can be put into a laminated book to look at in the home and will allow your child to openly discuss starting school.

  1. Libraries hold children’s reading book which cover the topic of starting school and these make a great read for nervous little ones.

  1. Make sure you check if your child’s school will be holding visit opportunities for children to meet up and explore their class room. 

  1. Ask the school if they would be happy to send out a letter with planned dates for parents to meet up in a local park in the six weeks holiday, this will also help the children to make friends in a less enclosed setting.

  1. Ask the school what your child must know for when they start. In most schools this is simply how to do their shoes up and to be able to recognise their own name.

Monday, 25 June 2012

Moshi Monster: Moshlings Review

G has reached the age now where she is discovering the latest trends. Moshi Monsters has become all the rage at her school and she has invested a lot of her pocket money on the collectible figures.

I am not usually the type of parent that encourage my children to use the computer but I do think every so often is a problem especially since ICT is playing a large role in the school curriculum now. She has not yet discovered the Moshi Monster website but I'm pretty sure it wont be long until she asking for membership. Until that day comes she has been keeping her self busy using one of the Moshi Monster app on my iphone.

We were sent the code for this app by their PR and the instant it was downloaded G got stuck in making stickers. The PR had told me that the app was a must have for all Moshling maniacs! The app includes over 60 Moshlings and 100 stickers to customise the little pets and create your own unique versions of the characters! You can read all about the wacky little critters and discover where to find them in the main Moshi Monsters game.

I demonstrated how to use the game once, so she was able to work out what each button did. She then had no problems finding her way round and saving the pictures of her creations. We then emailed the pictures over and printed them off for her to keep in a little album.

 The game was easy to use and has kept G busy while in the car or when shes chilling at home.

The app has many features but G enjoyed these ones the most:
· Over 60 Moshlings to discover
· 100 digital stickers to customise your Moshlings
· Essential Moshlings information – read about their personalities, habitats and much more
· Save your artwork at the touch of a button

Moshi Monsters is for 6-12 year olds and the app is for iPhones and iPads. Just click here to find it. The app is available for just 69P so what are you waiting for!!

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Creating an inviting book corner, Part 1

Now we are settled into the new house, I have started to rearrange the living room to allow the children more corners to hide and play. I love the fact that my children love to find little gaps to sit and play. A private quiet space where they are less likely to be interrupted.
Its now time to make these spaces feel inviting and that's where the real fun begins! I've been searching Pinterest again for more ideas and decided to start with the book corner first.
I'm going to go with a garden/forest theme. The unit is a lovely low down white one and I already have a canopy which I will be adapting to fit in with the theme.

Source: via Adele on Pinterest

I love the way this idea has vines and animals hanging from canopy. This would be a lovely way to get the children involved and add some of their art work.

This fantastic idea would make a great way to help children find titles which they would like us to read at a glace.

I love how clean and clear this area looks. The white walls help pull your attention to the decorative arrangement and purpose of the area. I'm looking for a good quote to add to our space once the walls have been painted too. If you have any good suggestions please feel free to let me know below.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Princess Playdough

This week we took the Play dough pledge. The idea of the pledge run by the Nurture store, The imagination Tree and Sun hats and wellie boots is to try something new with play dough.


At the moment our theme is 'Pirates and princesses'. This has been a really fun topic and the children have got really involved. Our idea for the pledge was to try incorporating a new material with it. I looked around for some craft gems but was unable to get them in time so instead I picked up some pretty flowers.

I made some no cook play dough from an old recipe using 2 cups of flour, 1 cup of salt, 1 table spoon of oil and 1 cup of water. Then added some pink food colouring, glitter and a natural rose oil for a sweet smelling fragrance.

The table was laid out with just the play dough and flowers for the children. When they first came in A asked 'whats this?' and I explained that this was their princess playdough. To which they both reacted with WOW!

They both loved trying to pick out the glitter at first and then moved on to see how many flowers they could squash into the playdough.

 Little man made a cake fit for a princess.  He flattened down the playdough with the palm of his hand and then laid the flowers on top.

A made a lovely princess pie. She flattened a piece of playdough and placed the flowers inside before wrapping it back up again.

The activity went really well and the children loved making patterns and explore a new material.

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Sensory Gloves

Today I tried some thing new with the children. I have not used this idea since nursery and its a real hit with babies and toddlers. Sensory gloves can be made up using just about any ingredients and tied at the top. For these ones we used:
  • Peas,
  • porridge and water,
  • red and yellow ice,
  • green corn flour and water,
  • spaghetti.

The children loved this new activity, they spent ages trying to work out what was in each of the gloves. A especially like the one containing peas. She enjoyed picking them up individually and rolling them in between her fingers. Little man on the other hand liked stacking them up and swapping them over.

The porridge also proved a firm favourite.

The children started to use describing words such as cold, slimy, wet and squashy. This one was such a hit that we are going to try it again next week with different ingredients.

Please note that this activity must be supervised as it could be a potential choking hazard.

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

A home or hospital delivery

Last week we had our first meeting with the Midwife. Having this appointment really helped to make it sink in. The Midwife was fantastic and didn''t seem to mind that Little man was running around investigating every thing in the room. The blue book is huge now, so not very good for sticking in your handbag. It was filled with so many questions and information but I was shocked that they no longer give out any information to help parents with any questions they may have as they go through their pregnancy.

A question the midwife did have for me was whether I was planning a home or hospital delivery. Now in any normal situation I would have said Hospital. The safety of having a large team and all the equipment to hand is something I find reassuring. Not to mention the rest as well as tea and toast on tap!

However when I went into labour with Little man nearly three years ago, it only lasted for 2 hours max and I'm concerned that this time round I may not make it there in time. I have an image in my head that I will be giving birth in the back of some mans taxi!! So may be home birth will be the way to go this time.

We have a long time yet to make a choice but I'd love to hear your experience of a short labour or home birth to help us decide what might be better.
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