Saturday, 8 September 2012

Tuff Spot: Autumn Cloud Dough

Last  Autumn  we were exploring a range of sensory activities. I had just started Childminding a little girl who didn't like to get her hand dirty but at the same time she loved to explore. Sensory activities such as using shredded wheat, sensory gloves and flour play are just a few of the ideas we used. 

Little man having just turn two was starting to notice the changes in the outdoor environment. On the way to pick his sister up from school he would stop to investigate large piles of leaves and collect acorns and conkers. With this in mind we saved his collection and took them home to explore further. 

The children helped me put together a basic cloud dough recipe and I then added some Nutmeg and cinnamon to give it another sensory element. Its smelt lovely!!

The children enjoyed pressing the dough into the pine cones we had picked up and then shaking it to watch it fall back out. little man rolled the conkers through the dough leaving prints then covered them up and dug them up again. 


  1. What a wonderful way to play with natural treasures.

  2. It certainly was good fun! I cant wait for Autumn to arrive again :0)

  3. This is awesome! We'll go on a hunt for pine cones tomorrow!

  4. Have fun :0) Let us know how you get on

  5. I ran across your blog from pinterest. Thanks for the fun play idea! My 10 month old and I had a delightful morning making and playing with our own autumn cloud dough. I had found a small plastic pool on clearance and we dumped our deliciously smelling cloud dough into it. She loved feeling the texture with her feet and was enchanted with the entire experience.

    Just as a word to the wise, cinnamon may cause a contact rash for babies with sensitive skin. Oops! Her little face is blotchy and itchy, but nothing that some aquaphor and time won't take care of. Next time we'll skip the spices and figure out another way to add smell to our sensory play.

    Thanks again for a great post and idea! We'll be trying some more cloud dough very soon.


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