Monday, 10 January 2011

Rainbow Fish

This book has always been a favourite of lady p's and mine. P loves fish and loves to read book on them both fiction and non fiction. On our last trip to the sealife centre she found it fascinating and was keen to soak up as much information as possible.

The rainbow fish book collection is great for young children as the each have a moral to them, P's Rainbow Fish story for example talks about sharing. Stories in general spark P's imagination to create some thing crafty or involving role play. I think this is due to the time she spent at nursery when she was younger.

We read the Rainbow Fish story this week end and p decided afterwards that she wanted to make and decorate her own fish using some of the craft goodies she got for Christmas.

Tools for the job:
paper plate,
coloured paper,
googely eyes.

Step 1. P drew a triangle on the edge of the plate. Your little one can do this too, it doesn't matter if its not perfect as this Will give their fish more character.
Step 2. allow them to cut out the triangle and then staple the triangle on to the opposite edge yourself.

Step 3. P sqeezed the pva glue on to to fish and spread it around using her finger.
Step 4. Normally I would get P to cut out the shapes for the scales her self but she wanted help with this. I would judge this by the child's age. P choose blue and green paper because she said that is the normal colour for fish in our sea.
Step 5. P arrange to shapes on to the fish adding a little more glue where needed.
Step 6. Typical that the Dave find a use for her Googley eyes they are no where to be seen. Instead we drew the fishy an eye and stuck it on.

There you go your very own Rainbow Fish! 


  1. You made an ADORABLE wish! So so cute. We haven't done any paper plate crafts yet, ever... I think it is time we start!!

    Maggy x

  2. This is fabulous! We have paper plates left over from a party, so I'm going to have a go!

    Thanks for spotting my craft post, I've linked it above. Glad to have met you!

  3. I love how the fish turned out - what a great idea!


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