Monday, 21 October 2013

5 Steps to a bigger bedroom

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Everyone wishes that they had a bigger bedroom. While it’s not always practical to get rid of furniture or build an extension onto the side of the house, there are some simple tips that you can follow to make your space feel bigger.
Take a look at this guide of what to add, and what to take away, to make your bedroom appear spacious and airy.

Add stripes

Adding stripes is a fantastic trick for increasing the sense of space in a room. The best way of doing this is by adding a striped rug, in a simple coloured design - like this one from Bentinck Furniture. The stripes draw the eyes downwards, making the ceiling appear higher and centre of the room further away from the walls.
You can find this design in a selection of colour and designs, in Bentinck’s selection of striped rugs.

Add mirrors 

A few well-placed mirrors reflect light and open up a space, making it feel considerably bigger. If you’re struggling to find enough wall space to hang a large mirror, why not incorporate one as part of another piece of furniture?
Take a look at this walnut and white gloss design, from the selection of bedroom wardrobes at Bentinck. This wardrobe is a practical storage solution, so it’s perfect for hiding clutter and making the space feel more open. The mirrored sections will also bounce light around the room, again making the space feel more open.

Add a view

A room with small windows can feel cramped and claustrophobic. Similarly, a view limited to the side of another building can be pretty uninspiring.
You can add a spectacular view by investing in some unique, custom made wallpaper. Take a look at this fantastic example of a small bedroom, which has an entire wall taken up by a print of the Manhattan skyline. This is a truly unique design idea that will transform a box bedroom into a penthouse studio with panoramic views. You can order this custom made wallpaper online from JW Walls.

Get rid of tall furniture

Choosing bedroom furniture is a lot like building skyscrapers in big cities; when there’s no space to build outwards, so you go upwards! Tallboys may be a practical option for storage, but the higher they are, the lower your ceiling will feel. The same goes for a four poster bed; it may not take up any extra floor space than a regular bed, but its height will encroach on the room, making it feel small and cramped.

Get rid of bedside cabinets

Everyone needs somewhere to keep their latest novel and their reading glasses beside the bed. However, bedside cabinets and cupboards can be bulky and eat into the valuable space of a bedroom. What’s more, having this placed either side of the bed dictates where it can be placed in the room.
If you’re struggling for space, consider using a small mounted shelf as a bedside surface. As well as being a space saver, you’ll be able to determine the height of the surface, to whatever is most comfortable for you.

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